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Coast Guard Deepwater Project Downsizing (Credit to Rod Schultz)

Recent Pictures of the Class 30th Reunion Activities

All photo credits go to Bob Gravino, Chuck Huber, Bruce Griffiths, and Mark Revett.

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Dave Anderson & Jack McGowan            Browns &  Thornes

Bob Gravino and Fred Adamchak            Gynthers, McDougals, Askeys, Kanes 

Hale, Shaw, Gravino, Pokress               Henry, Gebhardt, Debok, Moores

Hubers                                     Kreilers & Kathy Gravino

Labas, Garrity, Curtis, Dubois              McGowans

Merry Making at Mystic                        Root, Clancy, & Griff

Revetts & Dohertys                        Shaws

Snyders & Curtis'                          Ted & Kathy White

Thornes                                    Vlauns

Conn College '71 Mini-reunion               Line up for March On

March On                                  GO Bears!!

Sitting in the Stands 1                   Sitting in the Stands 2

Dance 1            Dance 2            Dance 3            Dance 4

Eagle          Flag        Revue 1       Revue 2       Color Guard

Sail Race 1        Sail Race 2